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Leverage your PowerPole power distribution system to get 5 volts. This little module plugs into an power distribution block that many people (especially amateur radio operators) use to distribute 12 volt power. It provides 5 volt regulated output through a pair of screw terminals. What makes this utility board so useful is that it has the PowerPole connector right on the pcb. No pigtail wires necessary. The board has linear regulator, a power status LED, and a re-settable PTC fuse.

Note: Some units may come with a small or larger terminals. The rating is the same for both.

The surface mount components are assembled. You install the header and the Anderson PowerPole connector.




PN: LW0003
Size: 25mm x 20mm
Mounting Holes: None
Voltage Input: 12 to 16 volts
Voltage Output: 5 volts
Current Output: 200mA max
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