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Boost the voltage from one or two battery cells to 5 volts. Perfect for your Arduino project. This completely contained miniature board will take 0.8 volts to 6.0 volts and boost or regulate it to 5.0 volts. Perfect for powering your Arduino project from 1 or 2 AA's, or any other power source. This board comes assembled, minus the headers. You can install your own headers or solder wires directly to the pcb. Based on the NCP1402 boost regulator semiconductor, this unit will provide up to 80ma (results will vary based upon input voltage.)

The surface mount components are assembled. You install the headers or solder wires directly.

I deprecated this prodduct for several reasons, but mainly the NCP1402 is hard to get. It often has lead times 4-6 months out. I honestly think there are better ways to accomplish boost regulation. This module tends to become unstable if you draw too much current from it. The output starts to get really noisy. I have a prototype for a replacement product that will be offered soon.




PN: LW0002
Size: 10mm x 14mm
Mounting Holes: None
Voltage Input: 0.8 to 6.0 volts
Voltage Output: 5 volts
Current Output: 80mA max
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